的 wide range of services offered throughout Cass Health are an outst和ing amenity for our community. 的 modern facilities 和 cutting-edge equipment 和 technology provide the residents of Southwest Iowa with high-quality care, 不需要远行. 病人 are cared for by people they know as neighbors, that’s a true comfort.

线上买球平台汇集了几家知名的, 本地医疗保健提供者创建一个统一的系统. 线上买球平台的服务包括:

  • 家庭医学
  • 整形外科
  • 普通外科
  • 物理治疗
  • 产科护理

+, 卡斯县纪念医院 is meeting the needs of patients with varied medical conditions, 急诊科24小时待命,随时为急症患者服务.

Expectant mothers will find outst和ing care before 和 during de肝y, modern amenities like 家庭套房.

大西洋医疗中心 is a rural health primary care clinic that cares for patients from birth throughout their entire lives.

At 大西洋医疗中心外科诊所, our board-certified general surgeon provides comprehensive surgery services.

康复服务 provides patients with personalized treatment programs, complete with physical therapy services.

在线上买球平台中心, southwest Iowa 家庭 can feel confident that their healthcare needs will be met locally. 这是心灵的平静.



平衡的问题 is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling 和 increase activity levels among older 成年人. It includes 8 two-hour sessions for a small group of 8-12 participants led by a trained facilitator.

本节目由 卡斯县公共卫生.

带着关心和同情, 卡斯县纪念医院 inpatient nursing staff serves patients of all ages with varied medical needs. 经验丰富的注册护士, lpn, CNAs provide general inpatient care while coordinating services from many other hospital departments. This well-rounded team of professionals provides a full-spectrum of inpatient care, paying special attention to each patient’s individual medical 和 service needs.

大西洋医疗中心 is a rural health primary care clinic that cares for patients from birth to geriatrics. 线上买球平台的医疗团队有执业医师, physician assistants 和 a nurse practitioner provide outst和ing medical care you can count on. In addition to the Atlantic office, clinics are also staffed in Anita, Griswold, Massena.

大西洋医疗中心快速护理中心 免预约护理适合所有年龄的病人吗. 当你今天需要露面的时候, 但这不是紧急情况,你的初级保健提供者也不在, 那么AMC快速护理是完美的选择. 只要走进去, 到急诊科招生处报到, 然后等待AMC快速护理人员的检查. 病人按先到先得的顺序就诊. Hours are Monday-Friday 8 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 8 pm; Saturday & 周日上午10点至下午1点,下午2点至6点. All patients should use the Emergency Entrance located next to Parking Lot C.


骨密度, 或DEXA(双能x射线吸收仪), 衡量骨质流失和诊断骨质疏松症的护理标准是什么.  该检查快速、无创、无痛.


线上买球平台的 Certified 泌乳顾问 (CLC) is happy to help with any of your concerns, 分享技巧并回答任何问题.



线上买球平台的 Child Passenger Safety Technicians will inspect 和 help you install your child’s car seat to make sure it is safe. 在特殊活动期间和预约时,线上买球平台提供汽车座椅检查服务. 这项服务免费向公众提供.

联系 卡斯县公共卫生 了解更多信息.

爱荷华州乳房和子宫颈筛查, 心脏检查, 为40至65岁符合收入条件的妇女提供健康指导.

联系 卡斯县公共卫生 了解更多信息.

心肺康复 is designed to help patients increase their fitness level in a safe, monitored environment. 每个参与者的康复计划都是独一无二的. 线上买球平台的团队将与病人一起工作, 初级保健提供者, cardiologists to develop personal rehabilitation plans that incorporate exercise, 营养, 生活方式, 以及压力管理. 线上买球平台提供二期心脏康复, 肺康复, 外周动脉疾病监督运动治疗.

卡斯县纪念医院 is a 25-bed hospital, including medical/surgical, special care, obstetrics. 一整套辅助服务为医务人员提供支持, 其中包括委员会认证的家庭医学, 产科/妇科, 足部医疗, 普通外科, 以及整形外科专家.

卡斯县公共卫生是来保护线上买球平台的社区的, 家庭, 成年人, 孩子们都在健康的道路上.


American Heart Association CPR training classes give you the information 和 the skills you need to help 成年人, 儿童和婴儿在呼吸和心脏紧急情况下. 现场或混合学习心肺复苏培训都是可用的. 点击这里 下载社区心肺复苏术及急救登记表格.

服用华法林的病人, 或者其他血液稀释剂, 需要有凝血率, 或印度卢比, 他们的血液被严密监控.  香豆素诊所 大西洋医疗中心 makes it quick 和 easy for patients to get the necessary lab work done so their INR can be evaluated 和 medication can be adjusted as necessary.

Cass Health has a state-of-the-art computerized tomography (CT) scanner with certified technicians available 24/7. CT扫描提供了内部器官清晰而具体的图像, 可以看到身体的很大一部分. 的 images are produced very quickly, which can be critical in emergency situations.



线上买球平台 放射学 科室提供全方位的影像服务, 包括数码放射照相, CT扫描, 核磁共振成像, 超声波, 3 d乳房x光检查, 透视, 骨密度.

数字放射照相提供清晰的图像, 使病人接受较少的辐射,减少病人的等待时间. Images are transmitted electronically, allowing healthcare providers to view them quickly.


由爱荷华大学公共卫生学院的研究人员开发, 灾难PrepWise 包括五个模块和两个额外的专题部分. Participants will develop a personalized disaster management plan that they can share with their family, 朋友, 和邻居. Part of the planning assistance is making sure individuals are signed up to receive Alert Iowa messages. Alert Iowa is a communication tool used to inform the public about inclement weather, 公共安全活动, 或者其他紧急情况. Planning sessions will take place at 卡斯县公共卫生, 1408 East 10th St.,大西洋,爱荷华州,除非另有安排. 而计划通常是针对个人或夫妻, 也可以容纳小团体. 请打电话给 (712) 243-7443 或者安排一个灾难计划会议.


Dr. 瑞克瑞恩哈特 提供各种耳,鼻,喉服务和程序.

预约医生. 莱因哈特,请拨打712-243-7535


An echocardiogram (echo) is a test that uses 超声波 to make pictures of your heart. Your doctor may use an echo test to look at your heart’s structure 和 check how well your heart functions. 这个测试可以告诉你的医生:

  • 的 size 和 shape of your heart, the size, thickness 和 movement of your heart’s walls..
  • 心脏跳动的力量.
  • 如果 心脏瓣膜 工作正常.
  • 如果心脏瓣膜周围有肿瘤或感染性生长.


的 staff in our 急诊科 (ED) is always ready for what’s next thanks to extensive training 和 experience. 在典型的一年里,线上买球平台的急诊科员工要照顾5000多名病人. 急诊室一年365天,每天24小时开放. 入口位于建筑的西南侧.

A 性侵犯护士长(SANE) is always available to treat 和 support survivors of sexual assault through the Cass Health 急诊科. 目前,线上买球平台SANE的护士只能治疗青春期的病人, 但可以提供资源来帮助青春期前的幸存者.

线上买球平台的验光师, Dr. 杰夫Goergen at 眼睛的同事 uses state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to treat eye disease 和 provide medical eye care. 线上买球平台的 personalized service includes customized fittings of a wide selection of glasses, 太阳镜, 隐形眼镜.


无论您是否在市场上购买新的眼镜或隐形眼镜, 或者你有眼部疾病, 眼睛的同事 能够提供帮助. 线上买球平台的 clinic also has visiting 专家 including a retinal specialist 和 an ophthalmologist.


Family medicine practitioners provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages 和 genders, 经历人生的各个阶段.  线上买球平台的 board-certified family medicine physicians work closely with advanced practice providers (nurse practitioners 和 physician assistants) to provide care for acute 和 chronic health conditions, 努力确保每个病人的最佳生活质量.

需要预约吗?? 请致电 712-243-2850. 查看线上买球平台的工作时间.

透视 is an image of moving body structures, like an x-ray movie of the inside of your body. 这可以让你的医生看到内部结构和功能, 比如你吞咽时喉咙的运动. 透视图像有助于诊断和治疗.



Dr. 乍得McCance 提供普通外科护理 大西洋医疗中心外科诊所 卡斯县纪念医院. His practice includes minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques when appropriate. 他做各种各样的普通外科手术, 包括结肠镜检查和egd检查, 肠手术和切除, 肿瘤切除.

病人 have the right to file a complaint or grievance at any time 和 expect that filing such a grievance will not affect his/her future access to or quality of care.   的 线上买球平台在线申诉表格 会直接提交给风险经理吗, 一名工作人员会与你联系,讨论你的投诉.


医疗纪录(以前称为健康信息管理)是来帮助发布信息的, 住院和门诊编码和转录服务.


问题? 请致电 712-250-8235.

准备好让你的家庭成长了? Cass Health is the perfect place for you to welcome your baby into the world.


执业护士在医院提供服务 卡斯县纪念医院. 住院医师在病人住院期间照顾他们, 同时与每位患者的初级保健医生进行协调. 作为住院专家, hospitalists are able to respond quickly to any change in patient status 和 be accessible for patient 和 family needs throughout a hospital stay.

线上买球平台的 康复服务 部门包括一个游泳池,用于水治疗课程. Both physical 和 occupational therapists will work with patients in the therapy pool.


大西洋医疗中心 免疫接种室 为所有年龄的患者提供免疫接种. 如果你来这里预约的话,你可以随时接种疫苗, 否则, 欢迎预约,并将在时间允许的情况下提供住宿. 线上买球平台鼓励您预约,以节省时间!



正在接受化疗的病人, 或者需要注射的人, 在医院的输液室里接受治疗 线上买球平台专科诊所. 线上买球平台的 nursing team takes pride in the relationships they have developed with many different doctors, 专家, 以及中西部的医院. 线上买球平台的护理团队根据线上买球平台中心以外的专家的命令工作, 还有线上买球平台的客座专家. 这样就省去了本地病人出城的麻烦, 这有助于线上买球平台实现在本地提供更多服务的目标.

介入放射学使用医学成像(CT), 透视, 超声波) to assist the radiologist while performing minimally invasive procedures, 比如活组织检查. 在活检过程中, a small sample of tissue is removed from the body 和 is sent on for further testing. 线上买球平台进行的一些更常见的活组织检查包括乳房, 甲状腺, 肝, 肺, 骨髓. 线上买球平台也提供射频消融术来帮助减轻神经疼痛.


线上买球平台的 Certified 泌乳顾问 (CLC) is happy to help with any of your concerns, 分享技巧并回答任何问题.

打电话给线上买球平台的产科 712-250-8862 了解更多信息.

实验室 线上买球平台中心全天24小时都有人值班, 一周七天, 由经验丰富的实验室技术人员和技术人员组成. We are proud to have consistently earned the prestigious College of American Pathologists Accreditation every year, 线上买球平台的实验室是临床实验室改进修正案(CLIA)认证.


A low-dose computed tomography (CT) scan uses a lower dose of radiation to detect potential lung cancers.




线上买球平台很自豪能为患者提供最先进的3D乳房x光检查. 你可以直接给线上买球平台打电话预约常规乳房x光检查 712-243-7450.


准备好让你的家庭成长了? Cass Health is the perfect place for you to welcome your baby into the world.


医疗记录是来帮助发布信息的, 住院和门诊编码和转录服务.


问题? 请致电 712-250-8235.


老年生活解决方案 is our intensive outpatient group counseling program designed to meet the unique needs of older 成年人 over the age of 65 struggling with depression 和 anxiety often related to aging. 项目人员包括有执照的社会工作者, 注册护士, other professionals dedicated to the emotional well-being of the seniors in our community.

核磁共振成像是一种非常精确的人体解剖成像方法. 通过利用强磁场, 无线电信号, 还有一台电脑, 受过教育的技术人员能够构造解剖图像. 核磁共振成像不涉及辐射. 核磁共振成像可以在许多身体部位进行. Some of the most common scans are done to evaluate nervous system 和 musculoskeletal disorders. 这些疾病包括多发性硬化症, 肿瘤, 中风, 受伤, 以及影响肌腱的疾病, 韧带, 和软骨.



Nuclear medicine is provided here through the Health Partners of Southwest Iowa (HPSI). HPSI是线上买球平台公司的合作项目, 蒙哥马利县纪念医院, 和默特医疗中心. Weekly service is provided at each hospital with inpatient 和 emergency services provided as soon as reasonably possible. 虽然线上买球平台是一个移动服务, we are able to provide most nuclear medicine studies that in-house departments are able to provide.



准备好让你的家庭成长了? Cass Health is the perfect place for you to welcome your baby into the world.


线上买球平台的职业治疗团队服务于所有年龄段的患者. 线上买球平台的 OTs care for patients for a number of reasons including: upper extremity injuries & 疼痛, 运动协调训练, 儿科延迟, 中风康复, 家居安全评估, 淋巴水肿, 日常生活活动, 认知测试.



Dr. 马特Weresh 提供骨科护理 大西洋医疗中心外科诊所卡斯县纪念医院.  他的服务涵盖了广泛的骨科需求, 包括全髋关节和膝关节置换, 腕管手术, 运动医学.

Dr. 布莱克Bodendorfer 还提供骨科护理 大西洋医疗中心外科诊所卡斯县纪念医院. Dr. Bodendorfer specializes in sports medicine, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee care.

Dr. Caliste许 specializes in h和 和 microvascular procedures 和 surgeries 和 provides care at 大西洋医疗中心外科诊所卡斯县纪念医院.


Chronic 疼痛 affects more than 40 million Americans according to the National Institutes of Health.

Many who fail to respond to conventional treatments continue to suffer with no end in sight. Chronic 疼痛 can evolve into a disability that affects the daily activities 和 attitude of both the person affected 和 their loved ones. 一些长期患者退出了曾经给他们带来快乐的活动, 变得抑郁, 愤怒的, 和无助.

进一步了解线上买球平台的 疼痛管理诊所.

Home visiting program for parents who are pregnant or have children up to kindergarten entry. 儿童发育筛查, 育儿教育, 汽车座椅安装说明, 以及作为项目一部分提供的团体联系.

联系 卡斯县公共卫生 了解更多信息.

PET scans use radioactive materials to show how tissues 和 organs are functioning 和 are typically used during cancer treatment. 通过共享医疗服务,可在移动基础上使用PET扫描.


线上买球平台的 物理治疗 team includes four physical therapists 和 two physical therapy assistants. 线上买球平台的团队治疗各种年龄的病人, 他们治疗病人的许多问题,包括:受伤 & 疼痛, 平衡赤字, 运动损伤, 关节置换手术, 儿科延迟, 以及脑震荡后(恢复运动)的治疗.


Dr. 罗杰淹死 提供足部,或足部和踝关节手术,护理 大西洋医疗中心 卡斯县纪念医院. Many patients are cared for in the clinic using a combination of medications 和 exercise therapies. 对于那些有更复杂问题的人,Dr. 淹死也执行广泛的外科手术.


线上买球平台中心, 线上买球平台的康复服务部包括物理治疗, 职业治疗, 语言治疗.


线上买球平台中心的风湿病服务由 Dr. 托马斯•施密特, Dr. 基诺Chesini, Dr. 斯蒂芬·斯莱德.

这三种药物都治疗骨质疏松症, 骨关节炎, 类风湿性关节炎, 痛风, 红斑狼疮, 硬皮病, 银屑病关节炎, 血管炎和其他系统性风湿病.

All new rheumatology patients will need a referral from their primary care provider.


A 性侵犯护士长(SANE) is always available to treat 和 support survivors of sexual assault through the Cass Health 急诊科. 目前,线上买球平台SANE的护士只能治疗青春期的病人, 但有资源帮助青春期前的幸存者.

If you or someone you care about has been assault please go to the nearest 急诊科 for support.

老年生活解决方案 is our intensive outpatient group counseling program designed to meet the unique needs of older 成年人 over the age of 65 struggling with depression 和 anxiety often related to aging. 该项目的工作人员包括一名委员会认证的精神科医生, 持牌社会工作者, 注册护士, other professionals dedicated to the emotional well-being of the seniors in our community.

的 兄弟姐妹类 is a free class that will be held quarterly at Cass Health. It is geared toward children between the ages of 2 和 10 to attend with their mothers who are at or past 34 weeks of pregnancy.

需要预约 for the Sibling Class; please call the OB Department at 712-250-8862.

线上买球平台的 goal is to provide a superior experience for our skilled nursing care patients 和 their 家庭. That means providing all of the services they need — while also shortening their length of stay 和 total overall expense.

We provide multiple types of skilled nursing care including 物理治疗, 职业治疗, 长期的抗生素, 和伤口, 造口术, 自制(WOC). 了解更多关于熟练护理与线上买球平台.

需要进行睡眠研究的患者可以到线上买球平台中心就诊. 线上买球平台的 Respiratory Care 和 Same Day Surgery team work together to schedule 和 administer these tests.

大西洋医疗中心外科诊所 是一个多专业的团体,提供一般, 整形, 还有胸外科手术, 还有重症监护.   Dr. 乍得McCanceDr. 马特Weresh 在适当的时候使用微创手术技术.  包括腹腔镜手术, 关节镜, 微创开放手术, 胸腔镜手术(胸腔镜手术).

线上买球平台的 board-certified surgeons’ expertise includes the following areas of care:

〇普通外科 颈部治疗, 乳房, 胃, 肝脏和胆囊, 肠道或胃肠道, 胰腺, 结肠和盆腔器官.  它还包括上结肠和下结肠镜(内窥镜).

胸外科 -胸部外科手术,包括肺, 食道, 胸壁, 胸膜(胸膜), 心脏内膜和支气管镜检查(气管和肺的检查).

急救护理 — the care of urgent 和 emergent patients who have life threatening or potential life-threatening illness.  这些条件包括休克等, 创伤, 呼吸衰竭, 脓毒症(感染), 器官衰竭和营养不良.

骨科手术- 髋关节和膝关节置换术, 关节镜手术, 肩膀手术, 腕管解除术, 扳机指修复.


线上买球平台 专业诊所 接待来访的各类专业医疗人员,  包括心脏病学, 皮肤病学, 肿瘤学, 和更多的.

欲了解更多信息,或安排预约,请致电 712-243-7590.

线上买球平台的 speech/language pathologist works with patients of all ages for a variety of reasons including: Parkinson’s rehabilitation, 中风康复, 语音障碍, 口腔异常, 儿童语言迟缓, 发育障碍, 进食/吞咽困难.


你的孩子喜欢运动? 体育体检的费用是25美元,必须用现金或支票支付. 现在打电话给线上买球平台预约吧 712-243-2850.  下载线上买球平台的 体育运动形体 让你的访问变得轻松!

在立体定向活检中, a special mammography machine uses x-rays to help guide the radiologist’s instruments to the site of the abnormal growth. Stereotactic mammography pinpoints the exact location of the abnormality by using a computer 和 digital x-rays taken from two different angles. 使用这些计算机坐标, 放射科医生将一根针穿过皮肤, 将其推进病变部位, 并去除小的组织样本. This service is provided at Cass Health in partnership with a mobile unit from Health Enterprises.

出血的人可能在五分钟内因失血而死亡. 紧急救援人员会尽快赶到, 旁观者几乎总是先到. 这个免费的培训项目将教你如何止血.



大西洋医疗中心 很高兴提供 远程医疗 通过智能手机、平板电脑或家用电脑为患者预约.


线上买球平台的 certified tobacco treatment specialist can help you overcome dependence on nicotine 和 tobacco.

要预约,请打电话 大西洋医疗中心 at 712-243-2850.


超声波 is a diagnostic procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to create images, 超声波成像不涉及辐射.



伤口, Ostomy nurses provide acute 和 rehabilitative needs for people with selected disorders of the gastrointestinal, 泌尿生殖系统和/或生殖系统. WO护士为腹部造口患者提供直接护理, 伤口, 动静脉瘘, 下水道, 还有压疮. WOC nurses are Registered Nurses who hold a baccalaureate degree or higher 和 complete a formal, 认可的世界卫生组织全面或专业教育计划.

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